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Eyre This Volume is intended to supplement your leisurely stroll through Galway, enabling you to understand the history of the city and how its past is still enshrined in what you are seeing. It is not intended to be a complete description to everything you see. In each place you visit, there will be much more to discover. An exhaustive description would be boring, and the pleasure of exploration should, as much as possible, belong to you.

To take the tour in its most logical sequence you should start in Eyre Square, which is easy to find and very accessible from all parts of the city. However, you can also start anywhere, as long as you can locate it on the map.


First, you should read the short history of Galway at the start of the volume, which will provide to the background to understand the growth and development of the city.

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Western HeritageSpecialists in Heritage and Cultural Tourism Western Heritage Tours offer a series of tours and field trips in the West of Ireland, dealing with the history, archaeology, ecology and culture of this fascinating region.

Visitors from 30th August 2003

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