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cathed1.gif - 39466 Bytes The core of Galway first appears in 1124 when the castle of Bun Gaillmhe,"The mouth of the [River] Gaillimh" (Now known as the Corrib) was built for Toirrdelbach Ua Conchobar, King of Connacht. Although this castle was destroyed on two occasions, it was rebuilt by the De Burgos who then had the city under firm control. We do not know what the population of the settlement was at this time but there were obviously sufficently numerous and well-off body of inhabitants to finance the construction of the Church of St.Nicholas (patron saint of seafarers) 1320.

This period was the dawning of the settlement which is now Galway city. The city has endured much since the middle ages and is steeped in a rich history. Netaccess would like to bring you on tour of the many historical buildings,streets and walkways of the Republic Of Irelands third city.

Reference Irish Cities, The Thomas Davis Lecture Series

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Other Views of Galway City and County

Shortcuts To The Most Impressive Parts Of The Tour

Eyre Square
Eyre Square
Situation: Eyre Square
Shop Street
Situation: Shop St.
St.Nicholas's Church
Situation: St. Nicholas's
Spanish Arch
Spanish Arch
Situation: Spanish Arch
High St.
High St.
Situation: High St.
Situation: Market St.

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Western Heritage
Specialists in Heritage and Cultural Tourism Western Heritage Tours offer a series of tours and field trips in the West of Ireland, dealing with the history, archaeology, ecology and culture of this fascinating region.

Visitors from 19th May 2003

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